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A more intuitive experience

The DDD Dashboard provides you with faster data uploads, near real-time information, single sign-on capabilities, one-touch filtering, increased security and more. It is also mobile-friendly.

World-class technology

The dashboard uses Microsoft's latest cloud and data visualisation technology: Azure and PowerBI. It is easy to scale and quick to change if improvements or new features are needed.

Easy on-screen filtering

You can filter on-screen information according to province, region, district, circuit, cluster and school; year and term; as well as phase, grade and subject, providing a quick view that is as broad or specific as you need.

Tailored access levels

You can see all the education data that relates to your entity level and below (e.g., province, region, district, circuit, cluster, school). School and selected users can view down to an individual learner and educator level.

Progress detail

You can view attendance, task marks, promotion and NSC pass rates per grade, subject, school, district and province, per term or tracked over time.

Planning insights

You have a detailed view of planning and operation information (school, learner educator and enrolment count) as well as pass rates, progressed and overage learners, filtered according to the user’s selection.

Achievement insights

You can visualise learner-specific grade achievements per subject, analyse enrolment vs performance, see variations between subject performance and achievement trends over multiple terms.


Downloadable reports provide additional insights on areas such as learner and education information; school achievement; learner intervention planning and attrition.

Term-to-date goal tracking

The dashboard provides a comparative view of attendance and task marks per grade and subject, measured against set goals and targets.

Visualised data in one click

The dashboard provides learner performance data, key education metrics, and corresponding reports in a visual and analytical manner.  

Multiple inputs, single output

The dashboard visualises education data that is submitted by schools and collected by provincial education departments.

graphic-valistractor bg.png
Valistractor Download

The new Valistractor tool launched in February 2024 validates and securely extracts data before it is displayed on the Dashboard.

Protecting learner information

The DDD Dashboard adheres to data privacy best practices, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) requirements, and government technical security guidelines.  All education data is hosted and remains resident within South African borders.  For more detailed information on how DDD complies with data privacy requirements, please contact

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