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DataPoint #13: 3 March 2023

Ready to work smart? Mastering the DDD 2.0 dashboard before 31 March could be your quickest (but not the steepest!) learning curve ever. Why? Because the DDD team has a whole range of learning tools in place to help you sharpen your DDD 2.0 skills quickly, and easily.

With less than five weeks to go before the old dashboard is deactivated, now is the time to get a head start on learning how to use DDD 2.0. Choose what suits you best: Live webinars with our master trainers; webinar recordings to watch at your convenience; Learning Hub courses to do at your own pace; videos (also on the Learning Hub); tip sheets and FAQs on the DDD website. And of course our trusty helpdesk team are only a phone call away.

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