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DataPoint #15: 14 April 2023

Are you ready? User research conducted over the past month indicates that Term 2 is your preferred time for tackling additional tasks such as training and skills development. The good news is that Term 2 is also when we’re phasing out the original DDD Dashboard, and providing extra training opportunities to help you transition to DDD 2.0.

In the next few weeks you’ll see that some of the less-used features in the original dashboard are no longer accessible. Other features (starting with those that are already available in DDD 2.0) will also be switched off in the original dashboard, over time. Please make the most of this phased approach by logging in to DDD 2.0 regularly and learning how to find (and use!) the features you need most. We’re here to help you every step of the way – scroll down for more details.

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