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DataPoint #16: 9 May 2023

Good things are happening! The phased switchover to DDD 2.0 is well underway with the first features already deactivated in the original dashboard. More and more users are logging in to DDD 2.0 – over 5 000 and counting! – and attendance at our weekly login webinars is growing by the day. The team is on track to complete the switchover before the end of Term 2, which means you still have several weeks to get up to speed on the new platform.

In this edition of DataPoint we provide a detailed update of what’s been switched off in the original dashboard and what to expect next (see “On the Go”). We share insights from DDD’s recent research into how users are feeling about the switchover, as well as how officials are using learner profiling and the Learner Chart Report to boost learner outcomes.

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