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DataPoint #18: 9 June 2023

14 Days to go! There are just two weeks until the old DDD dashboard that has served us so well for the past 10 years, is switched off and we start using DDD 2.0 exclusively. It’s a huge milestone for the DBE and DDD teams who have spent more than a year developing, fine-tuning and conducting training on the new DDD 2.0 solution.

In this edition of DataPoint, some of the DDD crew share their excitement and shout-outs in recognition of this work, as part of the DDD 2.0 Shout-out Challenge. To find out more, or to join the challenge yourself, keep reading!

Also in this edition we share an update on the latest new feature on DDD 2.0 – the much-anticipated Excel data downloads feature!

Want to know more? Keep reading...


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