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DataPoint #19: 23 June 2023

The day has finally arrived as we push the final button on DDD 2.0, and start the next exciting phase in our data journey. And there isn’t a better group of education officials to be doing it with! Today we celebrate not only the start of something new, but also 10 years of DDD Dashboard use in South Africa. So much has been done by all of you to build a culture of data-driven decision making in our education sector, and the DDD team is privileged to have borne witness to this for the past decade. Thank you for your dedication and passion!

In this edition of DataPoint we share how some users are feeling about the shift to DDD 2.0; the latest update on the dashboard itself (and what’s gone into building it); as well as a celebration of what’s been achieved in the last 10 years (see “What to watch”).

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