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DataPoint #26: 29 September 2023

Do you look beyond the obvious? With another term under our belts now is an excellent time to reflect on how you’re using data, and to challenge yourself to do it even better. This week our second Insights and Innovation blog post is live – this time offering an example of Term 3 Grade 10s that shows how to look beyond the obvious and pinpoint which intervention is really going to have the most impact on your learners. And it might not be the one you’re expecting. Click here to read the blog post and let us know what you think.

In this edition of DataPoint we also share some exciting updates on the new dashboard, as well as links to the latest round of webinars (this time focusing on how to track subject performance and assessments captured). School holidays are a great time to catch up on training … so what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get clicking!

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