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DataPoint #31: 8 December 2023

Done and dusted! With another year under our belts, the Data Driven Districts team sends a heartfelt thanks to all our EMIS colleagues, national and provincial education officials, as well as the 29 000 registered DDD Dashboard users who have embraced a year of change and challenge.

For more than a decade, this unique collaboration has seen data-driven decision-making become an increasingly important part of how we improve learner outcomes. One doesn’t have to look far to see the results: 2023 saw districts like Mogalakwena in Limpopo reap the benefits of three years of data-focused efforts, and we are confident that 2024 will hold more of the same.

Thank you for your commitment, support and dedication: Your passion is our inspiration, and has been a privilege to support you in every way we can. Happy holidays!

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