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DataPoint #33: 9 February 2024

It’s all about the power of partnership … When it comes to supporting education officials on their journey of data-driven decision-making, our EMIS colleagues at a provincial and national level deserve special recognition. Technology is a tough space – even on a good day – with rapid change and a constant juggle between limited resources, infrastructure, and the need to keep officials online, up to speed and well supported.

To all the EMIS colleagues and DBE officials who have worked so hard to help test and roll-out the new Valistractor, we salute you! Thank you for playing such a crucial role in building a truly data-driven education system for our country.

In this edition of DataPoint we share the latest update on the Valistractor roll-out; training and resources to help you install and use it easily; important dates to diarise; and, as always, feedback from our users.

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