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DataPoint #36: 20 March 2024

Thank you, and well done! As we close the book on Term 1, the DDD team sends a heartfelt thank you to all education officials and EMIS teams across the provinces for their hard work and support over the past (very busy!) few months. Besides guiding another cohort of learners through the start of their next academic year, you have embraced the roll out of the new Valistractor, with more than 11 000 schools already using it to submit data to the DDD Dashboard.

For a refresher on how to install and use the new Valistractor, why not join next week’s Valistractor webinar session (click here to book a seat)? We’re also hosting a webinar on how to access and use DDD via your mobile phone (click here to book) – which is ideal if you want to keep track of your data while you’re away from your desk this Easter holiday.

In this special “end-of-term” edition of DataPoint we highlight the numerous enhancements made to the DDD Dashboard since January. We also see which provinces have been the most active on DDD over the past term.

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