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DataPoint #40: 17 May 2024

It’s an ancient tradition! We’re good at using data to make smart decisions, but we’re simply doing something our ancestors did all along. Human obsession with facts and figures has been an integral part of society for thousands of years: it is believed that Palaeolithic tribes marked notches into bones to track their trading activity and supplies, and then compared the bones to predict how long food supplies would last so that they could prepare accordingly. Sound familiar?

Capturing, analysing and using data to survive and thrive is something we all instinctively do, and – thanks to tools like DDD – we can do it with world-class ease! At DDD we are determined to continue enhancing how we use data, because we know how important it is to education professionals like you. We are committed to this journey (read more under “DDD Progress” to find out how) and we couldn’t think of better people to be doing it with!

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