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DataPoint #29: 10 November 2023

We’re halfway there… Next week marks the midpoint of the NSC exam timetable. With less than 25 school days left until the end of term, we say a hearty “well done” to all the hard-working education officials who’ve brought our learners this far. Good luck for this last final sprint to the finish line!

In this edition of the DataPoint newsletter we acknowledge a special group of education officials who, despite the busy time of year, are putting enormous energy into sharing their insight and experience of data-driven decision making. They are our new DDD Champion Principals, who are part of a new initiative in which school principals are being equipped to run peer-to-peer training sessions to help broaden the adoption and impact of the DDD Dashboard at school level. The initiative has already kicked off with great success in Mpumalanga (featured above) and KwaZulu-Natal, and we can’t wait to grow it even further!

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