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DataPoint #21: 21 July 2023

Welcome back! The third term is underway, and now that the switchover to DDD 2.0 is complete, this new-look dashboard should be your go-to tool for all final FET phase intervention planning. If you’re a school user or education official who’s still fairly new to DDD 2.0, don’t worry: our weekly webinars, website and helpdesk team are all available to help you master this exciting new platform. See below for details.

More exciting news is the communication research we’ve been conducting over the past two months. There are only a few days left to participate, but if you do, you stand the chance to win one of 50 DDD prizes, and potentially one of four R300 vouchers. To qualify for the lucky draw, simply complete the survey (it takes 15-20 minutes) and include your contact details to participate in a telephonic interview. Keen to join in? Click here to do the survey now.

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