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DataPoint #28: 27 October 2023

It all starts on Monday, and for the next five weeks all eyes (and best wishes!) will be on the Grade 12 class of 2023 as they write their NSC exams. It’s been a year of hard work and preparation: Since this time last year almost 14 000 education officials have accessed the new DDD Dashboard, and in 2023 alone more than 12 600 cumulative officials attended training in person and via the DDD Learning Hub to fine-tune how they use data to support improved learner outcomes. Hats off to all of you for the commitment that has brought another year of young learners to this critical point in their lives. From everyone at DDD – thank you, and best of luck!

This edition of DataPoint shares some of the Grade 12 performance statistics for this year; comments from the officials who’ve been driving the use of data in their districts; as well as an update on the latest enhancements to your dashboard.

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