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DataPoint #35: 8 March 2024

End on good terms! As you prepare to wrap up the first few months of the year, make sure that your Term 1 DDD insights are ready and waiting for you after the Easter break by submitting your term-end data as soon as possible. The roll-out of the new Valistractor is progressing well, so if you have not yet downloaded and installed it, aim to do so before 20 March so that your next submission is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Need help? Click for your step-by-step Valistractor installation guide.

In this edition of DataPoint we hear from three of the principals who recently attended DDD Champion Principals training, and who are determined to share their newfound expertise. The Champion Principals initiative is a nation-wide campaign being run by the DDD team to upskill principals who want to do their own peer-to-peer DDD Dashboard training with colleagues and school management teams. To find out more about the initiative in your province, and how to get involved, contact your DDD provincial manager or email the DataPoint team on

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